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Dean Beck

As many of our listeners and supporters may be aware, Dean Beck has had significant involvement in the new VAC PrEP video project and has taken the opportunity to publicly disclose his positive HIV status. JOY 94.9 would like to applaud Dean for his honesty and bravery in bringing much-needed attention to these important issues and using his own personal story to do so.

As many in our community are acutely aware, ‘coming out’ – be it in regard to your sexuality or your HIV status – is a deeply personal issue and is far too often met with responses that are less than supportive. JOY 94.9 supports all of our volunteers and staff to live their lives to their fullest potential, and we strongly encourage a positive and productive community discussion around these matters that is respectful to the individuals involved.

Due to the stigma and shame that many associate with being HIV-positive in our community, disclosing a positive HIV status in a very public forum such as the mass media is a courageous act. We should act against HIV stigma, not stigmatise those with HIV.

Statement issued on behalf of JOY 94.9 by:

Conrad Browne, General Manager
Jed Gilbert, President


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