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BENDALL, Anthony

Dr Anthony Bendall was Acting Victorian Privacy Commissioner from March 2012 until April 2013.

In 2009 and 2010, Anthony was the Male Co-Convenor of the Victorian Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby and has a long history of advocating for LGBTIQ rights.

He completed JOY’s ‘Taste of Radio’ course in 2014 and currently writes and presents the news during the Brekkie Bears program on Monday mornings on JOY 94.9.

Anthony is currently the Principal Legal Policy Officer and Acting Manager, Policy at the Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation.

From March 2014 until March 2015, he was Team Leader at the Victorian Law Reform Commission, leading the reference on Trading Trusts and Oppression Remedies.

He commenced as the Deputy Victorian Privacy Commissioner in June 2007 and occupied this role until his appointment as Acting Commissioner, then again from April 2013 to March 2014.

Anthony has degrees in Arts and Law and a Doctorate of Juridical Studies (SJD), all from the University of Sydney. His SJD thesis topic dealt with legal issues concerning health care workers with HIV and other blood borne infections.


JOY 94.9 has played a major role for me personally in terms of influence, social connectedness and information delivery and now I would like to put something back in return.

I am an avid listener and supporter of JOY and its important role in bringing together LGBTI communities.

I am a gay male in a loving long term relationship with my partner Tass and have two daughters I am extremely proud of.  I love socialising, keeping up to date on current affairs, participating in community activities and spending time with my family.

On a professional front, I have over 30 years’ experience in the information technology corporate sector covering business management, new business creation and sales leadership.  Over that time my roles have included sales and marketing in a highly competitive business environment.  My most recent role was National Sales Director (for 5 years) and prior to that as Asia Pacific Marketing Director (for 6 years) for a global IT infrastructure company.

From a governance perspective I have over 9 years’ experience on the Council of the school that my two daughters attend – including 6 of those years as Treasurer.

I am also currently on the Board of a local community housing association.

I look forward to your support in getting elected to the JOY Board where I am confident I can make a solid contribution.


I’ve been a JOY member since 2007 when I moved to Melbourne. In the past year I decided I wanted to do more – to support JOY to have an even greater impact on our LGBTI community, and well beyond. So I applied to be part of the JOY board and, over the past six months, I have been privileged to be a casual board member. During this short time I’ve worked hard to bring my corporate experience to bear and my networks to good use – introducing new ideas, new connections and new ways of working.

I’ve spent the last ten years as a strategy consultant working with large corporate clients in Australia and Europe, having previously worked for eight years in various management positions. I’m currently the Chief of Staff for PwC Consulting and lead the GLEE@PwC network in Melbourne, GLEE (Gays Lesbians and Everybody Else) is our employee led network group that now boast over 300 members nationally. PwC was named Australian LGBTI Employer of the year in 2015 – this makes me exceptionally proud and motivates me to do more.

I manage the JOY performance committee and, as part the membership committee, ran a highly collaborative process to develop a new ‘supporter framework’ to be launched later this year. I’m passionate about giving back and making a difference in our community – I’m dedicated to expanding the voice and influence of JOY in a digital/always on world. I would relish the opportunity to be part of the team who can make this happen.


For over 20 years I have strived to make a difference to the Melbourne and global community.

I have worked in the following sectors:

  • Publishing
  • NGOs including the Australian & International Red Cross
  • Advertising
  • Government supported entities such as The Queen Victoria Women’s Trust
  • Industry Associations in international trade, perishable exports and tourism

The positions I have held encompass the full range of a corporate structure, from junior project officer to CEO.

Additionally I have owned and operated a successful vintage retail and online store in Melbourne.

It has been my honour to serve on boards (and sub-committees) that have assisted the community in the Sport & Recreation, Tourism, Human Rights and Health sectors.

My current volunteer commitments centre on my role as a co-host on The Escape Pod – JOY’s weekly travel show.

I possess the following experience and skills:

  • Strategic Awareness & Planning
  • Board Governance
  • Risk Management, and
  • Leadership

These are the attributes I believe will allow me to work with the JOY Board to make an outstanding contribution and make a real difference to the GLBTIQ community.  I don’t consider myself an “expert” in these fields, rather, I have a keen desire to learn, see and experience more.  All the better to allow me to ask the questions that add value as a board member.

I am naturally curious, a keen observer and always up for a challenge.

It would be an extraordinary gift to work as a member of JOY’s Board.

STRAUSS, Michael

JOY was part of my secret support structure when I started my coming out process 13 years ago – resetting the dial on the car radio each time I arrived at my destination. After a 5-year stint working overseas, I wanted to re-connect with the community beyond the usual dating apps and to return something to a community that in many disparate ways supported me during a difficult time.

Three years ago I started volunteering in the IT area, became involved in broadcasting and expanded my IT involvement significantly within the last 12 months. I currently serve on the Technical Advisory Committee and the Licence Renewal Special Committee.

Professionally, I have 30-years experience in corporate IT including application development, systems architecture and managing large teams. Creating, consulting and implementing strategies and managing associated budgets in multiple countries has challenged and improved my communication skills. Educationally I am tertiary qualified in IT, Accounting, Marketing and Business Administration.

I believe that the benefits that I can bring to the Board are the combination of my professional skills, experience within the station and my passion for the diversity of the Rainbow community.




Each time I turn on the radio to JOY 94.9, I am amazed that this marvellous sound is produced by volunteer power. We produce a unique listener experience from the work of a group of committed volunteers and a small team of dedicated employees. As a member of the Board and various committees, I am aware and of the complexities of producing radio and astonished by the commitment and dedication of the volunteers and small number of employees to producing the best possible product for our listeners.

I was honoured and humbled to be elected by the membership to a two year term on the Board in 2013.

During these two years, I have served as a member of the FAC and Risk Committees and this past year, I have chaired the Risk and Technical Advisory committees. Recently, I have added the Chair of the Licence Renewal Committee to my JOY responsibilities.

JOY is a place of work as well as a number on the radio. I strongly believe that one of the strengths of JOY is that it continues to be a welcoming, respectful and fair place for all persons who, visit, volunteer and work at the station. Michelle Barber from Stand Up Straight calls it a “soft place to land”. I believe that as a Board member, I have a responsibility to ensure that JOY is always such a place.

As a Risk Management professional, I am committed to assisting JOY to continue to produce a great product, whether it is radio, online streaming or podcasts for many, many years to come. For me, this includes ensuring the equipment and products that JOY uses and needs to purchase provide a consistent and excellent base from which to broadcast and produce great radio.


Jim Hyde:  Co-host, Is Nothing Sacred, 10pm Monday nights for 2 years since October 2013

I have been an advocate in and for the LGBTI Community in Vic, SA and NSW for over 20 years as:

  • General Manager, VAC/GMHC
  • Member, many community organisations.

I won the inaugural Rainbow Award for leadership in the LGBTI community in Victoria in 1993.

I was Victorian Director of Public Health at a time when we revitalised HIV funding and community engagement.

As a Ministerial Chief of Staff in the Hawke Govt I was instrumental in getting bipartisanship in Australia’s HIV response.

I am a gay father, with two grown daughters.

I am passionate about making sure LGBTI people are accepted and that JOY maintains its clarity as a gay and lesbian leader.

I have recently retired and I will have enough time to devote to the Board.

I’m well experienced in Board membership, and I believe governance is an important function that should always be protected and strengthened especially in member based community organisations.

I will be accessible to JOY members as much as I can be.


Hi. I am Andy McNamara.

Queer Media

  • I have been a presenter of “3 Chords & the Truth” on JOY since 2004. Plus I have spent 3 years on JOY’s Programming Committee.
  • I am also involved with Bent TV, where I produce, direct and present. Bent TV has had a significant focus on trans and gender diverse people over the past 2 years.
  • This year is my third year on the Melbourne Queer Film Festival Selection Panel.


  • I have retired from my previous career as an actuary, which is a financial maths job in banking and insurance. I worked for large corporates, plus in consulting. I have experience in finance, risk and management.


  • I live with my boyfriend of 15 years, Gavin, and our cats, Patty & Selma.
  • I think that I am a bit of a music uber-nerd.

Vision for the future for JOY 94.9

  • I think JOY has got a lot of things right – both as an engaging and supportive listening experience; and as a vibrant, safe hothouse for volunteers to share ideas and grow personally.
  • I fully support JOY expanding from being a gay and lesbian station to being an organisation that fully supports diverse genders and sexualities.
  • If I am elected to the Board, the one thing I’d like to own is to facilitate increasing diversity in on air presenters, particularly by getting more females on air on JOY 94.9.


My name is Mick Simpson and I seek your vote to the board of JOY 94.9.

I have been a member of JOY for 4 & ½ years and it is time for me to give a just that little bit more to one of the most important LGBTIQ institutions in Australia.  I have volunteered at JOY on the front desk for some time, a role which gives you a unique insight into the station.

JOY 94.9 is a vital resource to thousands of Australians both here in Melbourne and across the country to link us together as communities and to provide support to those among us who may feel alone or rejected.

The immediate future for our community is going to be challenging.  The coming discussions about same sex marriage will no doubt open ‘Pandora’s box’ to the homophobes and haters.  I see a huge role JOY will play in support for our own community and its vital role in advocating for our position to the wider community.

I would bring a range of skills to the board, in setting, planning and delivering on strategic vision.  I also hold tertiary qualifications in corporate governance

I would endeavour to build on the incredible work of our pioneers, current and future volunteers and staff in creating such an incredible community asset as JOY 94.9.  I commit to a JOY 94.9 that is:

  • Financially sustainable
  • Relevant to our community, and
  • A strong and passionate advocate for our diverse communities.

THORP, Andrew

I started volunteering at JOY 94.9 six years ago when I, like many of our listeners, found myself at a crossroad in my life’s journey. I know first-hand how JOY is integral to the social and emotional wellbeing of our diverse rainbow communities.

There have been significant changes over the past six years – not just for me but also for our communities. In 2009, the Commercial Road clubs were still busy and the gay dating apps had only just been released – and JOY had not yet embraced the digital age to its full extent. It is quite different now.

JOY needs to continue to evolve as the media and technology landscapes change and we need to ensure we remain relevant to an increasingly visible but increasingly disparate range of communities.

As a member of our Board I will be well placed to assist our organisation through these changes. By working across the commercial, health and community sectors over the past fifteen years, I have been successful in supporting organisations adapt to change through evidence-informed planning.

This has included my role in the development of beyondblue’s five-year strategic plan – a transferable capability that will assist JOY in the development of our next strategic plan within in the next three years.

As a member of the JOY Board I will have the opportunity to integrate these skills with my JOY experience as a volunteer, presenter and Specialist Program Director from 2012 to 2014. I hope that I have your support.



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