Annual General Meeting 2016

25 Oct 2016

Annual General Meeting 2016

JOY Melbourne Inc. annual general meeting was held Sunday October 23 2016 2pm at Level 10, 225 Bourke Street Melbourne.

Joining the existing directors Melinda RICH, Tanya MATTHEWSON, Ian GRAYSTONE, Cassie CHADWICK, Andrew McNAMARA, Andrew THORP, Stephanie AMIR – are the newly-elected directors:

  • Marianne CHOONG
  • Rachel REES

Thank you to retiring board members: Jed GILBERT and Michael STRAUSS

JOY Board – Terms of Office

The current board of directors and their updated term of office:

Board Member Years remaining Term expires
Melinda RICH 1 2017
Stephanie AMIR 1 2017
Cassie CHADWICK 2 2018
Tanya MATTHEWSON 2 2018
Andrew THORP 2 2018
Andy McNAMARA 2 2018
Ian GRAYSTONE 2 2018
Marianne CHOONG* 3 2019
Rachel REES* 3 2019

* new board members
^ re-elected board member

23-10-16-joy-agm-19JOY Board – Office Bearers

At the first meeting of the new JOY board held following the close of the AGM at 4:00pm, the executive office bearers elected are:

    • President: Melinda RICH
    • Vice-President: Tanya MATTHEWSON
    • Secretary: Cassie CHADWICK
    • Treasurer & Chair of Finance & Audit Committee: Ian GRAYSTONE


The sub-committee chairpersons elected are:

    • Chair of Community Engagement Committee: Andrew McNAMARA
    • Chair of Performance Committee: Melinda RICH
    • Chair of Programming Committee: Andrew THORP
    • Chair of Risk Committee: Marianne CHOONG
    • Chair of Technical Advisory Committee: Cassie CHADWICK

Life Member

The JOY Board is pleased to award honorary life membership to:

David ‘Macca’ McCarthy

23-10-16-joy-agm-16Honorary life membership is awarded by the JOY Board to recognise a member for their extraordinary commitment and contribution to the purpose of JOY 94.9.

David ‘Macca’ McCarthy has been a JOY member for over 17 years and been an on-air presenter for more than 10. During this time he has also spent 5 years serving on the board of JOY with 3.5 of those as our president. Macca is also a roving ambassador for JOY in the areas of business, community and political arenas, always seeking out ways to promote and build JOYs strong reputation. He has tapped into his own personal network to bring high profile guests into the station as not only guests but also supporters and sponsors. Macca’s on-air presence commenced with ‘Motoring Matters’ – a regular segment on the Drive Show in 1999, he has held spots on a range of shows and been instrumental in special broadcasts including a JOY / 3AW joint outside broadcast with Neil Mitchell and Jeff Kennett about youth suicide prevention. Over the last 6 years, Macca has lead the Saturday Magazine show with a slew of high profile co-hosts and guests, but has always made time to mentor emerging radio contributors many of whom have now secured roles in commercial and Government funded studios both in Australia and overseas. His leadership in brokering relationships and agreements with a range of other organisations such as Mercedes Benz, Virgin Airlines, Victorian State Government, beyondblue, and SBS has assisted JOY significantly over the last 7 years and we look forward to continuing to work with Macca moving forward. Macca is a respected member of the JOY broadcast team and family.

We congratulate and thank him for an outstanding contribution to JOY.

Addam Stobbs Award for Broadcasting Excellence

The JOY Board is pleased to announce the award recipient is:


23-10-16-joy-agm-13Addam Stobbs was a life member of JOY 94.9 in recognition of his enormous contribution over many years. We still feel the loss of his extraordinary passion, work, humour and enthusiasm. He is remembered by many as a mentor and friend. The Board instituted an award for broadcasting excellence in his name as a way of acknowledging Addam’s service in perpetuity. This award is presented to a volunteer who has excelled at creating programming that fulfils the JOY mission statement and has demonstrated over the past twelve months their capacity to connect, represent and celebrate our diverse community through programming that uplifts, informs and empowers.

The Addam Stobbs Award for Broadcasting Excellence 2016 is awarded to the World Wide Wave team.

Late on weekday evening in 2011, Tom, Hikaru and Squirrel commenced World Wide Wave, aiming to promote awareness of international LGBTI issues, by exploring one country at a time. Over its first two years the program was a journey not only around the world but also across the JOY Program Grid, before settling in the prime-time slot of 7 pm Tuesday about three years ago. Now led by Matt McDonnell, the World Wide Wave team undertake a significant production task every week, sourcing and recording interviews with politicians (including at least one heads of state), activists and community leaders, United Nations representatives, students and artists, professionals and many more from across the world at all hours of the day. Over more than 200 episodes, the team have given equal coverage to the challenges and the successes of the world’s diverse rainbow communities globally and continues to stand by their own mission statement and their W3JOY code of ethics. In addition, the team maintains a strong social media footprint often updating followers several times a day with news and views from around the globe. In June 2016, the World Wide Wave team led JOY 94.9’s coverage of the shooting at Orlando’s Pulse nightclub with the raw grief and emotion of the event evident through the program.

Congratulations to the World Wide Wave team, which during 2016 has included:
Matt McDonnell
Damian Sabatini
Dean Galloway
Paul Dexter
Sarah Charnaud

Anne Hamilton Award for Volunteering Excellence

The JOY Board is pleased to announce the award recipient is:

Josh Pearson

23-10-16-joy-agm-17Anne Hamilton is a life member of JOY 94.9 and this award acknowledges Anne’s embodiment of the JOY 94.9 mission and values, her passion for community volunteering, integrity, work ethic and the quality of her work. Anne’s enormous contribution to the organisation sets an excellent example for all volunteers. This award is presented to a volunteer who has excelled at performing their work in support of the JOY 94.9 mission and values over the past 12 months.

This year we honour Josh Pearson for the incredible amount of work he has done in supporting JOYs technology. Josh has been a JOY volunteer since 2013. He came on board as part of the Tech Support team and has been instrumental in the ongoing maintenance of JOYs tech framework as well as a series of upgrades and implementations to continue to deliver JOYs tech solution. During his time with Josh he has demonstrated our values with passion and enthusiasm – balancing a full time job and the role of Tech Coordinator to ensure that our presenters, staff and volunteers have access to working systems 24/7. Josh shows fantastic leadership skills in the way he engages with our people, our sponsors and other stakeholders – never missing an opportunity to talk about the value of what JOY delivers for the LGBTI community. He consistently goes above and beyond to ensure the JOY is accessible to our programming team both in station and also out and about in the community. Josh is also a supportive team member who is always available to help in a function that is rarely but is also committed to coaching and always looking for ways to make processes and systems easier for everyone at JOY.

All pictures courtesy of Betty Sujecki


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