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by JOY Program Director Chris Tait

We have a new grid coming out on 3 April and are excited to announce that it contains some really varied and inclusive content that works towards strengthening the diversity of voices that are heard on JOY. Here are some of the shows we’d like to highlight.

Suri Bin Saad will be returning to the show Urban Dreaming – our own and only Indigenous show that looks at breaking down the barriers between gay and straight, black and white from an LGBTIQ perspective. The show will air on Tuesday at 8pm. I am very honoured to have it back and can’t wait to hear what Suri has in store.

Another show I am very excited about is Youth in Control. Delsi from Unicorn Youth has been working hard training up young presenters and building strong and lasting relations with community organisations and younger generations. It is exciting to see her efforts come to the point where some of her unicorns are ready to leave the stable. The new youth-driven show, headed by Unicorn Youth co-host Jordan and panellist Thomas, will look at youth news, music and trends and will hit the airwaves on Saturday at 2pm. Hopefully this is the beginning of a new wave of youth presenters coming through JOY.

It’s also great to showcase more strong lesbian voices, and two shows that do so are Read HER! and Miss Chatelaine.

Read HER! (Monday at 8pm) is a new program hosted by Alice and Tennille that includes special guest JOYsters such as Harriet and Anne. It is a lesbian book-club show that highlights lesbian literature and authors and talks about the books’ themes and how these play out in society.

Miss Chatelaine (Tuesday at 10pm) is a folk, blues, roots and pop indie music show hosted by Katie Purvis. It started off as a fill-in but we loved having Katie and she loved doing it, so we have asked her to stay on. In the show, Katie showcases mostly Australian, often LGBTIQ artists and musicians, with interviews and tracks. If you haven’t tuned in yet, do yourself a favour. It’s a great listen.

Check out the full lineup here



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