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by CEO – Tennille Moisel

Radiothon is well and truly here, and we are making significant progress towards our goal of $300,000.

This year’s Power Week was filled with amazing examples of what JOY means to our volunteers and our listeners. If you haven’t already, please check out our podcasts from that week – the stories we heard were incredibly inspiring.

By now you will have also seen our new branding. This is the result of a 12-month project involving a number of JOY volunteers and the creative assistance of Seesaw Studio, who donated their time free of charge. The process for reviewing our branding was thorough and involved several consultations with our volunteers, our members and our patrons. I am thrilled with the results – we have a brand that has retained strong links with our 23-year history but is also fresh and inviting for our ever-growing audience.

Another significant change for us here at JOY is a much more focused use of our social media platforms. The team who brought you Bent TV are now working on audiovisual content that is featuring heavily on our Facebook page, with sometimes funny and other times poignant messages from our supporters and guests. If you don’t already, please follow us. We’re on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and they are a great way to keep up to date with what’s happening here at JOY.

We are now into the final fortnight of Radiothon, and while we are thrilled with how much support we have already received, I want to personally encourage you to make sure your membership is up to date. We have more prizes on offer this year than ever before, so it is the perfect time to get locked in for another year. There are so many ways to support JOY, and we are incredibly grateful to you for whatever support you can provide.

Until next time, remember: we still need JOY, but we couldn’t do it without YOU!


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