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Our online presence continues to grow and volunteers of the JOY program production team are celebrating some great statistics which prove the community is enjoying and benefiting from JOY’s podcast service. It’s a warm and fuzzy feeling for us all to know that we are not only sharing content which has originally aired on JOY 94.9 but also developing content exclusive to JOY podcast and its finding its way to far reaching places. 

Our podcast team coordinator Pete explains that over the last month there are some particularly exciting stats that suggest that our World Wide Wave podcast was listened to in 22 countries , Saturday Magazine benefited from an audience across 29 nations whist our Popchops podcast was heard across 43 countries, a rather large audience in Japan alone!

7,553 people listened to a Saturday Magazine podcast in June 2017, nearly 3,000 people downloaded episodes of Hide and Seek and The Informer (recently added to our line up) was heard by over 2,500 people. 

JOY has the largest podcast service of LGBTI content on offer, so if you have not yet visited our podcast service at joy.org.au or subscribed to your favorite programs on iTunes you’re missing out on a great range of music, news and reviews often unique to JOY 94.9. If you HAVE visited us on iTunes or plan to do so soon, why not rate our podcast feeds and help us be seen by others? We appreciate your support!


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