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It’s been an incredible year for the team of volunteers behind our podcast service. Close to 70 people who now make up our program production team have seen us now surpass one million-podcast downloads and reach more people than ever before via the JOY website, on iTunes and via social media.

The service can’t be this successful without our volunteers but also our members and listeners who tune in to download their favourite programs each week, listening to LGBTI content by the LGBTI community and made available globally, sometimes where there is no other avenue for connecting to news and entertainment from our community.

Consistently, our news and current affairs content rates highly on our podcast service with Saturday Magazine reaching just short of 29,000 downloads in November alone, followed by The Informer with 6,000 downloads then a range of our music and entertainment programs making up the top ten including podcasts from Anastasia and Warren, Checkpoint, The Cabaret Room, Hide and Seek, Friday Drive, Triple Bi-pass, Well Well Well and Unicorn Youth.

It’s vital to point out that though we get excited about these amazing stats, we’re proud of our podcast content across the board that caters to our diverse LGBTI community. As we head towards 1.1 million downloads (which should be with the next few weeks) we again thank our listeners, our members, our volunteers and of course the man behind out stats, our podcast coordinator Pete Holmes for the work and dedication he puts into supporting and training our podcasters.

Don’t forget that podcasts are a great way to escape the silly season so please subscribe to your favourite JOY programs today, so you don’t miss them tomorrow. They’re there where you want them, when you want them 😉

Thank you and season’s greetings everybody!


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