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Mike from Balwyn is a loyal JOY Member.
He also made to the switch to solar power with¬†☀️Sologistics.
We chatted to Mike to hear his story:

Just your regular suburban Balwyn family: Mark, Anni and Mike

How did you first hear about ☀️Sologistics?
I have heard their ads on the JOY Breakfast shows many times.
What interested you in ☀️solar power?
To stop my partner Mark from rabbiting on about installing solar power at home and it worked (he is onto soft furnishings now).
How has your household improved since your switch to solar power with ☀️Sologistics?
Aside from the obvious reduction in power costs, we have become more aware of our power usage.
The Sologistics team provided good education on how to best match usage to the available sunshine.
The solar panels are therefore producing all the energy the household needs with no drawing power from the grid.
Additionally, through their online app there is a live feed of data from the panels on the roof  giving you a very clear picture of power production and usage, which ticks all the boxes for this bean counter.
What is your favourite Breakfast show(s) on JOY?
Reluctant to nominate as all the presenters are wonderful volunteers who give up their time freely. However if I must, The The G Spot with Gillian & Clare on Friday, Tom & Warren on Thursday are whilst I am driving to work.
What is your favourite song in Melbourne’s most uplifting Music Mix?¬†
Anything from the 80s. The Cher prize giveaway has been great (who doesn’t love¬†If I Could Turn Back Time¬†with all those able seamen in the background?!).
On a more contemporary note, anything by Sia.


☀️Sologistics is proud sponsor of 🍳JOY Breakfast with an unbelievable solar rebate available right now but only the first 24,000 households will get it.
You can get all of the solar you need for your home for as little as $2500!
Go to JOYsolar.com.au and register your interest to take advantage NOW!
🎧Listen LIVE¬†weekdays 6:30-9am AEST for¬†Brekkie Bears¬†(Monday),¬†The Bloody Marys¬†(Tuesday),¬†Morning Glory¬†(Wednesday),¬†Tom & Warren¬†(Thursday) and¬†The G Spot¬†(Friday).

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