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Following on from the announcement of our new CEO Ange Barry, the JOY Board has taken the opportunity to reset & realign the Board to ensure it is suitably skilled to take on the opportunities and challenges for JOY going forward.

Two casual Board vacancies have been filled during July, we welcome Mark Adams and David ‘Macca’ McCarthy onto the Board. Both are long term and highly respected JOY folk, with some strong experience in areas critical to JOY’s agenda, particularly with respect to funding and readiness for the Victorian Pride Centre.

Mark Adams

Mark has been on the Finance, Audit and Risk Committee for a number of years, and has been a presenter on several JOY programs. He has legal qualifications and significant experience in the real estate sector. Mark will continue as a member of the Finance, Audit and Risk Committee, and will support the Board on various legal matters, particularly issues concerning our potential move to the Victorian Pride Centre.

David ‘Macca’ McCarthy


Macca perhaps needs no introduction, having been a prominent presenter and leader at JOY over the long term. His work on our flagship current affairs program Saturday Magazine is well known, he is a former President and is a Life Member of JOY. In the last few years, Macca has been instrumental in continuing to advocate for JOY behind the scenes, engaging with government, sponsors and other stakeholders to ensure JOY’s value is understood and supported. Joining the Board will give Macca scope to advocate for JOY in an official capacity in the many important discussions we have on the horizon. Macca joins his fellow Board members, Co-Vice President Jane Smith, and Amanda Millar, on the Pride Centre Working Group.

Josh Pearson

With Ian Graystone stepping down from the Board in late June, I’m pleased to advise that existing Board member Josh Pearson has stepped into the role of Treasurer & Chair of the Finance Audit and Risk Committee where he will work with current Deputy Chair Priscilla Jeffrey.

This is a very strong Board with significant skills and experience to manage the many challenges that our organisation faces.

Melinda Rich
JOY President


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