Annual General Meeting 2019


JOY Melbourne Inc. annual general meeting was held Sunday 20 October 2019 2:00pm at RMIT University Building 10, Level 4, Swanston Street Melbourne.

Thank you to retiring board member Melinda RICH after serving the maximum six years; and retiring at end of their casual vacancy term David McCARTHY & MARK ADAMS.

Joining the existing directors, Priscilla JEFFERY , Amanda MILLAR, and Josh PEARSON, are the four newly elected directors:

  • David McCARTHY *
  • Helen JENTZ *
  • Mark ADAMS *
  • Pete HOLMES *

* new board member
^ re-elected board member

JOY Board – Terms of Office

The current board comprises seven directors:

Amanda MILLAR 2 2021
Josh PEARSON 2 2021
Priscilla JEFFERY 2 2021
David McCARTHY 3 2022
Helen JENTZ 3 2022
Mark ADAMS 3 2022
Pete HOLMES 3 2022


JOY Board – Office Bearers

At a private meeting of the new JOY board held following the introductions of the new Board members, the executive office bearers elected are:

  • President: David ‘Macca’ McCARTHY
  • Vice President: Amanda MILLAR
  • Secretary: Pete HOLMES
  • Treasurer & Chair of Finance Audit & Risk sub-committee: Priscilla JEFFERY


At the first formal Board Meeting, the board will elect the sub-committee chair for:

  • Broadcast Compliance

Addam Stobbs Award for Broadcasting Excellence

The JOY board is pleased to announce the award recipient is

Bent Notes

The award reflects the significant and ongoing contribution that Bent Notes has made to the quality and diversity of the JOY on-air sound.

Rachel Tyler Jones (PD), accepting the award is Jett Mahoney & David Moyle, with Amanda Millar (Board)

Bent Notes exemplifies consistent, high quality programming. David Moyle started broadcasting his version of the show ten years ago this coming December, and it has been on air every Sunday night since then, with the exception of one or two special JOY events where the team was asked to take a rest. Paul Gardner and Corey Barr joined David shortly after that first show, and together the team has broadcast over 500 shows.

Across the last decade they have taken the initiative to move outside the studio, broadcasting from the Wangaratta Festival of Jazz and Blues across six years, and doing a full program OB last year from the Marysville Jazz and Blues Weekend, in a joint effort with UGFM.

Bent Notes makes the time to train new volunteers, on top of producing a highly organised show. This year they added Jett Mahoney to the team, after she joined the show as a trainee.

Bent Notes is a high-quality, informative and joyful program that showcases the team’s combined deep love of jazz and radio. Congratulations to David Moyle, Paul Gardner, Corey Barr and Jett Mahoney for producing a program that others can look to as a benchmark of quality and consistency at JOY.

Anne Hamilton Award for Volunteering Excellence

The JOY Board is pleased to announce the award recipient is:

Michael POLH

Michael has volunteered at JOY since 2012. He is the producer and host of BabblePOP! – the show with songs in a language other than English., and also the producer and host of JOY Eurovision. If that wasn’t enough Michael is one of our radio trainers.

Michael Polh, with Anne Hamilton & Ange Barry CEO

Taking over the Music Director role in 2017, Michael now leads the music team with great passion to create Melbourne’s Most Uplifting Music Mix for JOY, five days every week from the start of Breakfast to the end of Drive. For events and special broadcasting JOY requires a special music mix, and Michael enthusiastically drives the creation of these playlists.

Michael plays a vital role in ensuring we remain compliant with our broadcasting licence, by leading the station in the enormous task of collecting and marshalling details for our quarterly APRA (Australian Performance Arts Rights Association) reporting.

Michael’s work ethic, attention to detail and passion for music and particularly for community radio, drive him to stand out as an example of volunteering excellence. His work supports many other broadcasters to be able to realise their show and aspirations.

Congratulations Michael !

Life Member Award

David Moyle

David has been volunteering at JOY since 2010.

Joining the broadcast team to take over the Bent Notes jazz program, later producing podcasts for the program, and put his hand up for tech and station support for Outside Broadcasts. David was the recipient of the Volunteering Excellence award in 2014. He has helped out in a number of other areas, and shows too with panel operation, and was the anchor host for a new podcast show. David also champions the broadcaster ‘panel refresher’ training program. David took over the Outside Broadcast Coordinator role 2016, and Bent Notes continues on-air every Sunday evening.

David has been crucial in putting so many outside broadcasts to air over his many years at JOY, some in difficult locations. His ‘can do’ attitude and calmness under pressure is matched only by his passion and commitment to JOY (and Jazz!).

Thank you and congratulations David !

David Hunt & David Moyle

David Hunt

David has been volunteering at JOY since 2008.

On-air with Back To The Future in 2008, Friday Drive from 2010 and Sunday Arts Magazine from 2014 both continue on the program grid. Formally joining the Funding Working Group, and the Events Team in 2017 to revive the JOY Trivia events, David has always supported various activities and events at or outside the station.

David has demonstrated his professional and personal commitment to JOY as a presenter, fundraiser and ever-visible advocate for JOY. He makes himself available to assist folk who are new to the station and nothing is ever too much trouble.

Thank you and congratulations David !