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Happy National Volunteer Week (NVW)!

This week is very special for us because our volunteers are the core of JOY.

Currently, we have 300+ volunteers in our database, each of them with a very unique contribution to the daily operations of a community media organisation, with a common goal of bringing positive change to our LGBTIQA+ communities and to be that independent voice of representation.

I want to take this opportunity to thank every single volunteer for your important contribution to JOY 94.9.

To our volunteers working in the Office Admin and Operations, your role is crucial to run the station, not only to answering the phone or dealing with admin tasks, but also for being that welcoming face to JOY.

To our volunteers in the IT and broadcasting services. This is where the magic happens. Thank you for the hours of content creation, broadcasting time, script writing, content research, IT support and all the early or late working hours dedicated to JOY.

To our volunteers that are “behind the scene”, coordinating events, creating marketing content, writing grants, sales proposals, or media releases.  You are making the deals and doing the work that is building our brand every day!

To our volunteers in management positions, especially the board members, that help us set the direction of the organisation, and provide guidance and support at the highest level.  Whether it’s doing our financial reporting, advising on legals, carrying the JOY flag or being our Duty Managers – your support of JOY, and me as CEO is greatly appreciated.

Thank you all very much from the bottom of my heart! 


I miss seeing you around the studios, and very much look forward to seeing you all again, very soon. In the meantime, let’s keep the virtual connection!

If you are a JOY volunteer, I would like to invite you to JOIN ME this Friday for a virtual celebration called L.O.V.E. – Celebrating our LGBTIQA+ volunteers, with our dear partner organisations: Switchboard, Australian Lesbian and Gay Archives, Thorne Harbour Health and Melbourne Queer Film Festival. This event is usually held at St. Kilda town hall, but this year will be online through the app ‘Run the World Inc’. – See the details below.   During this event we will recognise and celebrate volunteer contributions to our organisations, be entertained, and break off into smaller groups to socialise – I hope you can make it.


When: This Friday at 6:30pm!

Where: VIRTUAL – Through the app: ‘Run the World Inc’

For a better virtual experience, we recommend you to download the app to join the event.

Please register in the event to be able to access to the platform:


Please note that you need to register with your JOY email in order to attend the L.O.V.E event.

Go to: https://organizer.runtheworld.today/c/love2020


  • RSVP at https://organizer.runtheworld.today/c/love2020 (enter email address twice)
  • Check email and click on ‘click to join event’ This will get you to set up an account (using same email address)
  • Remember: To be able to participate in the social functions you will also need to download the platform app ‘Run the World Inc’

So pop on a JOY t-shirt and have a beverage of your choice ready!

See you on Friday!


Warmest wishes,
Ange Barry
CEO JOY 94.9


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