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Emily Smith became a member of JOY 94.9 during Radiothon 2020 and was one of the lucky winners of our major prize: a Frock Hudson drag performance live in her driveway.

Emily invited some friends to her house to enjoy the show but, given the current COVID-19 restrictions, the performance needed to happen respecting the rules of people gathering and social distancing.

“We all had a great time during Frock’s performance! None of us really knew what to expect during a driveway drag show, but Frock was very entertaining, and had us all laughing!”, shared Emily.

For Frock Hudson this experience was one-of-a-kind. After spending the morning getting ready, loading songs onto a laptop and grabbing the bluetooth speaker, Frock was ready to be at Emily’s driveway at the agreed time, where the small crowd were ready for the performance.


“The fun part of performing in a driveway is that it is easy to keep a safe distance, but to see a small crowd was really awesome,” said Frock. “I sang a couple of songs and thank them for supporting JOY, luckily we picked a day and time that the weather was nice and it wasn’t too cold and we had a fun time”.


JOY 94.9 is run by a handful of paid staff and over 300 volunteers and relies heavily on memberships and donations to stay afloat. This year, the annual Radiothon fundraising campaign was delivered amidst COVID-19 restrictions and broadcasting from home. Luckily, the presenters of JOY found inventive ways to support JOY during this time and Frock Hudson, the drag persona of JOY presenter Dean Arcuri, donated the show as one of the major prizes of the campaign.


Frock Hudson drive way performance to Emily and friends


“I don’t have a lot of money to be able to give towards a big prize to donate to JOY but I do have me, my passion, plus plenty of wigs,” says Dean. “It was also a chance for me to give back to those who support us at JOY in a way that wasn’t just by saying thank you on the microphone”.

“10/10 would definitely recommend (and I need those boots!)”, concluded Emily.


JOY 94.9 is a not-for-profit volunteer-based community radio station that relies on your support to survive and grow. Become a JOY member.



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