Creating community, connection and comfort for Foster Families


For decades, The Lighthouse Foundation has been a safe haven for young homeless people from backgrounds of long-term neglect and abuse. The Melbourne based charity organisation provides young people with a home, a sense of family and individually tailored consistent and on-going therapeutic care.

Currently, The Lighthouse Foundation are seeking foster carers to help better support the diversity of the youth they care for and work with. With the hopes of reaching the rainbow community and building relationships within this space, The Lighthouse Foundation are recruiting long-term fosters carers. They are asking willing individuals who can open their hearts and homes to children in need to reach out to them at lighthousefostercare.org.au

“We’ve seen first-hand the challenges children and carers face in the existing system. When you break it down, our solution is relatively simple but we still need you to make it work. We’re here to support you, so that you can support them.”

This organisation is not just a foundation that protects, supports and uplifts foster children, but also provides on-going support and care of the carers who choose to open their homes to children. Their promise is to provide Foster Carers with genuine therapeutic care, sense of community and a consistent circle of support they need to care for some of Victoria’s most vulnerable children. With a strong focus on community, The Lighthouse Foundation really want to ensure they are supporting all kinds of families in their work.

“Lighthouse know that rainbow families are happy families.  We have cared for first hand many children that were kicked out of home for being ‘different’ and through our inclusive mantra and model of care, have been able to support them become their true selves and feel supported in their choices. Our Foster Care program needs new carers from all walks of life that can support our children thrive and grow in a loving environment.”

So what do you need to do qualify?

  • Be over the age of 21
  • Have a spare room and a willingness to open your heart and home to children in need

Yep, that’s all! Lighthouse will guide you through the training and accreditation every step of the way.

“We know that there are barriers out there with other agencies, but Lighthouse are an inclusive agency and we especially welcome our friends from the LGTQIA+ community.”

Contact them on 1800 542 273 | lighthousefostercare.org.au