Victoria will plunge into a 7 lockdown from midnight tonight after 12 new locally acquired Covid-19 cases were recorded overnight.

Tilly Hannan reports


The only FIVE reasons Victorians can leave the house are:

  1. Shopping for necessary goods and services within 5 kilometres from your home
  2. Authorised work or permitted education
  3. Exercise, with a 2-hour limit within 5km kilometres from your home
  4. Caregiving, compassionate and medical reasons
  5. To get vaccinated from Covid-19


Updated Rules and Regulations are as follows:

  • Masks are to be worn everywhere, inside and outside.
  • Partners are allowed in your homes.
  • Single living people are allowed with a bubble with one other single.
  • Restaurants, cafes, pubs and other hospitality businesses are permitted to serve takeaway.
  • Sports will continue but without crowds.
  • Funerals will be capped at 10 people.
  • Weddings cannot precede.
  • Essential businesses such as supermarkets, food stores, petrol stations, banks, bottle shops and pharmacies are to remain open.
  • Other retail stores can provide click and collect.


The lockdown is expected to last 7 days and is set to end at 11:59 – on June 3rd but may be extended if case numbers fail to decline.


There are now almost 80 exposure sites across Victoria, including from the CBD to the Morning Peninsula.


To view the site list, head to the Victorian Government website listed below: