Brown Bear Coaching – Feel proud in your life and work


In a world facing the consequences of a global pandemic, it’s extremely normal for many people to feel directionless. Those feelings of shame, guilt or just being lost are extremely common. Right now, you may be dealing with some very full on issues and fears, but it’s important to remember that there is guidance and help out there to help you feel purpose and get your direction in life back on track.

Edward Wilson of Brown Bear Coaching is one of those guides. An out and proud gay man, Edward is a life coach for people of all backgrounds, and works to help people feel most authentic in their passions, and their on-going self-development. But Edward says he’s not just here to help listen to your problems, but act on them.

“I’m here to make practical and actionable change that is specific and appropriate for you. I don’t dwell in your problems and your pain – we move forward quickly to make change happen,” says Edward.

When asked who can benefit most from a life coaching relationship, Edward stated the following:

  • “If you’re feeling stuck, lost, directionless.
  • Or you’re short on self-esteem, motivation, out of touch with your natural enthusiasm and energy.
  • Maybe you can see there’s a pattern of self-defeating behaviour in your life and you’re ready to ‘go there’ and solve it.


  • You know you deserve and can do better, you’re just not sure why you can’t seem to get where you want to go right now.

Why do people use a life coaching service in this situation? Because I can ask why and challenge you when you say something that’s ‘normal’ to you but may be unhelpful, or is just unfair to yourself or untrue (yet you believe it).”

Edward is readily available to anyone who feels they need some extra guidance to take their next step in their personal life or their career. Importantly, he wants to note that for the LGBTIQA+ community, you may be struggling with things he is intimately familiar with.

“I’m familiar with so many of our issues and stories and unique problems – you’ve nothing to fear from sharing your personal story with me. A trained life coach handles confidentiality and informed-consent in the same way as a qualified and regulated counsellor. If you prefer to work with a gay man, I’d be glad to hear from you. Helping LGBTIQA+ people gives me great joy, and it’s a privilege to be a benefit to our community.”

You can reach out to Edward and find out more at his website