Second Chance Animal Rescue


Second Chance Animal Rescue (SCAR) was founded in 2008 by Marisa Debattista after years working as a Vet Nurse. Knowing she could make a change; she launched the shelter from her own home with a handful of animals in need with the goal to rescue and rehabilitate as many as she could. Since then, SCAR has grown into an outstanding animal welfare organisation that goes above and beyond to care for hundreds of homeless and unwanted dogs and cats.

Initially SCAR’s focus was primarily on rescuing and rehoming animals in need, but the Covid-19 pandemic has really opened their eyes to the need to support pet owners the community. By offering ongoing assistance to those who may be struggling due to hardship, SCAR is able to ensure that pets and their families stay together where they belong.

SCAR offers many programs with the aim of creating a supportive and connected community hub. Vital programs such as their Free Pet Food Pantry, the Safe House for Pets Program, and their many Outreach services. SCAR will never give up on the community or their pets, and these programs as well as SCAR’s low cost veterinary options for the vulnerable, sick and injured animals that come into their care all help to keep families together and pets out of pounds.

If you want to help get behind this amazing organisation and ensure that they are always able to go above and beyond for vulnerable animals in need, donate towards the Guardian Angel Tax Time Appeal today!