Find your sexy at SEXPO 2021


SEXPO is back for another year across Sydney and Melbourne!

Featuring live performances, drag shows, awards for the most empowering LGBTQIA+ ambassador, an educational “Love Stage”, and plenty of other event experiences and features announced over the coming months – this is SEXPO like we’ve never seen it.

With sexy and sensual fun for all, SEXPO is working hard to ensure ensure all members of the LGBTIQA+ rainbow feel welcome, support and included in this year’s event.

SEXPO is celebrating what makes you, you says Australian Exhibition Group Director Kevin Mack. Mack explains that he reinvented the event because he wants to create a shame-free space to embrace and celebrate all thoughts, feelings, lifestyles and sexualities.

“We challenge you to open your mind and embrace the fun, relaxed and discrimination free atmosphere. It’s about empowerment, it’s about exploration. It’s about you,” he says.

“There’s something for everyone. It will be a safe playground to learn, discuss and share, with hundreds of exhibitors and entertainment changing hourly on the main stage.”

On the guest list are many Australian influencers including LGBTIQA+ TikToker and internet sensation Jeff van de Zandt who says he’s excited for the recent refresh of SEXPO for all audiences.

“I definitely would’ve benefited from an event like SEXPO in my late teens. Growing up as a gay man in a religious family – shame was a huge part of my life” he said.

“So I’m really glad that an event like this exists now – to create a judge-free environment for people of all ages to learn and discover. An event to help normalise something that is totally human and….totally normal!” said Jeff.

With many events forced to cancel due to the pandemic, there are many audiences ready to get back out there and support their favourite performers. Jeff says, “I think it’s important to be getting out there and supporting events in our cities, when we can.”’

Whether you’re looking for world class entertainment, leading information about health, sexuality and lifestyle products, or just a judgement free zone show off your sexy, there’s something for everyone at SEXPO 2021.

Head to sexpo.com.au to grab your tickets now!