Rebuilding the Rainbow Sector – Promotional Package


JOY is providing promotional campaigns free of charge to rainbow artists and not for profit organisations and 90% discounted to rainbow owned businesses respectively. The Rebuilding Rainbow Project is supported by the Victorian Government.

Limited spots available – Applications close July 31st. 

JOY is excited to announce our new project: Rebuilding Rainbow! This project aims to support Victoria based rainbow community organisations, rainbow creatives and rainbow-owned businesses, in their recovery from the impacts of the COVID Pandemic, in the form of heavily subsidised or free on-air promotions.

Together we will rebuild the LGBTIQA+ sector, and JOY is proud to play our role by promoting your work to our audiences.

Successful applicants will receive a JOY membership, and a one-month on-air campaign. This consists of a 30-second professionally produced message, promoting your work almost 48 times over the span of a month.  JOY’s organisation and business membership also provides you with a weekly member recognition on air spot year-round, plus a 15% discount on JOY’s services and a welcome in our members newsletter.

The 30 second campaign spots will be played throughout the week and provide our listeners with information about your business, organisation, artistry and where they can take action to find out more.

Based on your application, JOY may find that you, your business or organisation would benefit from some other additional promotions our audience may enjoy learning about. These add-ons will be selected by JOY and may include:

The total Rebuilding Rainbow promotional package is valued over $3000 AUD with the intent of helping Victorian LGBTIQA+ creatives, organisations, and businesses get back on their feet from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

To be eligible you must be:

  • Victoria based
  • LGBTIQA+ owned/operated
  • An LGBTIQA+ artist/creative
  • Must have been significantly* affected by COVID-19

*significance to be decided with JOY’s discretion, based on reduced patronage of your business, organisation or performances.

As part of the package, you will be provided with a JOY membership.  Business applicants are asked to contribute 50% of the usual membership cost @ $350.  Not for profit organisations and creatives will receive a fully subsidised JOY Membership.

Applications close July 31st or earlier when fully subscribed. Limited spots available so get in quick!

Apply now by clicking the link below:


JOY acknowledges the support of the Victorian Government.