Wear It Purple Day – Youth Voices


Each year, the LGBTIQA+ community comes together to celebrate our queer youth through Wear It Purple Day. Held annually on the 27th of August, the occasion seeks to uplift, empower and celebrate the lived experiences of queer and gender diverse young people.

Join us on JOY Breakfast and Drive on Friday 27th as The Murphys and. Dee and Warren speak to some amazing young people. Stay tuned in Daytimes to hear our presenters read out some of the brilliant answers that LGBTIQA+ have submitted via our online survey.


This year we are seeking the voice of youth on the issues that matter to them. If you are, or know a young queer or gender diverse person, we ask you to have your voice heard in our online survey.

Answers can be anonymous. However, if you consent to your name being used, we would love to read out some of the answers on JOY 94.9 during our Breakfast, Daytimes and Drive radio shows. You can have your say here: 

In the coming months, we are looking to recruit new volunteers across different teams and we are very interested in bringing in LGBTIQA+ young people to JOY. More info to come.


We also have an additional survey for business and organisation members of JOY to complete. In this, we ask how your workplace supports LGBTIQA+ youth and offer your the opportunity to provide a message of support and celebration to queer young people.

These answers may also be read out live on air if you consent for us to do so. You can complete the survey here:

Survey answers will close on August 25th before being read out on air on Wear It Purple Day.

We’re looking forward to seeing how people across Australia are celebrating on August 27th. You can join us on JOY 94.9 for a day of youth perspective and celebration as we continue to be Australia’s most uplifting music mix!