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The panel is called Mothering from the Fringes. It’s the first Feminist Writers Festival and it is the Networking Day Program held on Friday the 26th of August at the Queen Victoria Women’s Centre in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

FWF Black Back Ground WITH BROAD

Mothering from the Fringes with Shakira Hussein, Anastasia Kanjere & Miriam Sved, is a panel discussing,with three women writers and feminists and mothers, as they examine their experiences raising and nuturing their children from a Diverse background within a white hetero-normative patriarchy:

‘Feminists from Simone de Beauvoir and Adrienne Rich, to Anne Enright and Rachel Cusk, have critiqued patriarchal concepts of  motherhood. This panel discusses the ways feminist writers are challenging the racist, heteronormative, and ableist concepts that shape our images of motherhood.’

Below Left to Right:Miriam Sved, Shakira Hussein and Anastasia Kanjere the panelists at Mothering from the Fringes, Friday August 26th at 2pm.

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