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This panel is called What is Feminist Writing( and finding your feminist voice), a special discussion held at this years first Feminist Writers Festival at the Network Day Friday August the 26th in Melbourne, Australia.Writers Jean Taylor,Lian Low and Emily Maguire along with Host Monica Dux examine in depth how they came “out” as feminist writers and the experiences that led to this revealing and transformative activism that brings them to the work they do today.

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‘This panel will explore the question ‘what is feminist writing’? Does writing need to explicitly concern feminist issues in order to be feminist? And what about the audience? To whom should feminist writing speak?’

How did Feminism affect them at the beginning of their careers? What influenced them, writers and or experiences,and where their writing careers are today and what they think of the future of the Feminist Writer community.

Left to Right: Monica Dux, Lian Low, Jean Taylor and Emily Macguire (below)

Monica Dux 1Lian Low 1Jean Taylor 1


MonicaDux is a columnist with The Age,and the author of Things I Didn’t Expect (when I was expecting),co author of The Great Feminist Denial, and editor of the anthology Mothermorphosis.She can be heard regularly on ABC radio, and has published widely, especially on women’s issues. Monica is a founding board member of the Stella Prize. monicadux.com.au|@monicadux

Jean Taylor is a radical lesbian feminist writer and activist who has been writing and publishing in Melbourne for more than forty years. Her most recent book,Lesbians Ignite In Victoria in the 1990s, is the third in her Archives Trilogy which also includes Brazen Hussies: A Herstory of Radical Activism in the Women’s Liberation Movement in Victoria, 1970 1979 and Stroppy Dykes: Radical Lesbian Feminist Activism in Victoria During the 1980s. dykebooks.com

Lian Low is an Australian writer and spoken word artist based in Footscray, on Kulin Country, in Melbourne, Victoria Australia. From 2010 to 2014, Lian edited Peril, the leading online platform for Asian Australian voices in arts, culture and writing.
From 2013-2015, she travelled to Singapore and Malaysia for research, and created site-specific spoken word performances for the Melaka Art and Performance Festival.  She’s currently working on a travel memoir about this journey.

Emily Maguire has twice been named one of the Sydney Morning Herald’s young novelists of the year.Her articles and essays on sex, culture and  literature have been published widely, including in The Age, The Australian and The Monthly. She is the author of five novels and two non fiction  books,her latest being!the novel An Isolated Incident. emilymaguire.com.au|@EmMaguire



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