Image by Dennis Hill via Creative Commons

Image by Dennis Hill via Creative Commons

Dene is back in the Cheap Seats for a night of queer poetry.  Brought to us by Button Poetry, the performers explore autobiographical themes of love and attraction and stories of gender and misgendering.  There is light and shade, some laughs and some strong language, and some darker moments shared.

The performers and poems featured are:

  • Theresa Davis – Like, Like
  • Denice Froham – Dear straight people
  • Lauren Zuniga – Confessions of an uneducated queer
  • Ethan Smith – A letter to the girl I used to be
  • Ollie Schiminkey – Boobs
  • Stacey Waite – Newark International Airport
  • Stacey Waite – The kind of man I am at the DMV
  • Wyatt Fleckenstein – Labels