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Checkpoint Intimates is a new weekly podcast where two members of the team go one-on-one on a topic that they both feel strongly about, talking in a more deeper and, yes, intimate context.

Luke and Elliot are back to talk about Steam – specifically, the news that Aussie gamers can expect to pay a 10% tax on their downloadable PC games as of July 2017!

Australian’s should be used to paying GST on things, but when the cost is being added to something digital… not to mention a system that has all of its pricing set in USD… what does that mean for us in terms of how we pay for games? Will Valve come to the party and adjust their pricing so it makes more sense for us Aussies? What will happen? Listen to our thoughts right here and let us know what you think.


About the author: Luke


Luke is the producer of Checkpoint and also co-host of The Brekkie Bears. He spends his time playing video games, binge-watching TV and hanging out with his German Shepherd, Ziggy and Bernese Mountain Dog, Pandora. They would play video games if their paws could hold controllers.


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