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This week on the show, it’s all about Aussie developed games!

There are some truly brilliant video games that have been made right here in our own backyard, so we discuss some of our favourites and the ones that really made an impact on the worldwide stage. Along with talking about some of their favourite Australian made video games, Elliot, Rachel, Jimmy and Sav also want to touch on the downfall of some of Australia’s biggest development companies and figure out why it’s so difficult for Australian developers to succeed and what should be done to help them along.

Also on the show, Olivia tries to create the perfect place to live with Ever Oasis, Cameron tests out his often underused RPG skills with Valkyria Revolution and Luke tries his absolute best to save the girl with a bomb strapped to her chest in Get Even. Don’t miss this fair dinkum episode of your favourite Aussie video game show. Righto, mate?

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