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This week on the show, we talk all about Power of the People in video game communities. It’s been a controversial week in video game news with Star Wars Battlefront 2 from EA copping a lot of flack for its “interesting” choices regarding micro transactions, loot crates and level progression. Interestingly enough, changes kept happening and decisions reversed after a massive outcry from you, the video games community. So what does this mean for the game moving forward?

Luke, Elliot, Cam and Rachel are on board to discuss what happens when communities get what they want, whether or not they truly do know what’s best, and how important it is for companies to “do the right thing” by their fans… but should they do the right thing if it’s going to impact their business? Or, more importantly, if the fans buying their games are their business, shouldn’t they focus on us more than anything?

Also on the show, the news of the week plus Kolby gets his blue speed on with Sonic Forces while Luke tries his hardest to feel the need with his verdict on Need for Speed Payback. Don’t miss any of the action in another packed episode!

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