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In this special podcast, we have a range of fantastic Indie interviews that took place at PAX Australia 2017 that we just didn’t get time to play on the show! We love our indies, and there are so many amazing indie games from Australia and around the world that are released or coming soon… so here is some more for your listening pleasure!

  • Necrobarista stole the show for Kieren
  • Cam channels Sailor Moon in Intergalactic Space Princess
  • Fiend Legion has Jimmy intrigued
  • Cam tries to get away with a Heist
  • Veil of Crows stands out for Kieren
  • Archer gets puzzled by Chromashift
  • Dead Static Drive proves to be one of Cam’s favourites
  • Jimmy and Rachel book their Ticket to Earth
  • Kieren gets excited about Aura of Worlds

For all the latest updates as always, along with all the detailed features from PAX AUS 2017, head to our official website at checkpointgaming.net.

Indie Bonus Round



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