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This week on the show, we’re in the mood to award some amazing video game performances (it is Oscar season after all)! Video games have more and more been showing that they are home to some amazing acting performances, with voice actors and motion capture technology really showing how much depth the industry has with some incredibly memorably moments.

Join Cam, Elliot, Rachel and Kieren as they discuss some of the standout performances in recent memory, complete with samples! They talk about what makes them so memorable, what makes a good performance truly stand out in the gaming landscape and what other video game actors should strive for.

Also on this episode, Elliot had the chance to catch up with Katrina Garsten, a producer at Obsidian Entertainment with their upcoming release Pillars of Eternity II. Not to be outdone, Kolby has his review of Metal Gear Survive while Kieren has been spending time playing Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet. Don’t miss any of the action!

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Pillars Performances


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