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This week on the show, we are joined by the incredibly talented AndyCam who is here to talk all about the craft he loves so much: Cosplay! Cosplay is when somebody dresses up in costume to embody one of their favourite characters in pop culture, whether it be from movies, comic books, anime or of course, video games! AndyCam has been cosplaying for over ten years now, with a catalogue of over 130 costumes and over the years has won close to 50 awards. For more information on AndyCam, make sure you check out his Facebook and Instagram.

Join Luke, Elliot, Cam and of course AndyCam as they talk about cosplay in all its forms. We talk about why people do it, where cosplay began, how Andy got involved in cosplay in the first place and also some of the challenges that come up when you’re dressing up for a three day Comic-Con full of fans and other cosplayers. Plus, if you’re interested in getting involved in cosplay yourself, we have some tips for you!

Also on this episode, Luke makes some very difficult choices in his review of PS4 exclusive Detroit: Become Human.

Don’t miss any of the action and don’t forget to check out the first half of this podcast to keep up to date!

To get tickets to Oz Comic-Con in Melbourne on June 9-10, make sure you check out their official site here.

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Detroit Become Human - Cosplay on Checkpoint



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