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This week on the show, it’s that time of year again… that’s right, RADIOTHON! JOY 94.9 needs your help to stay OUT, LOUD, PROUD and ON AIR. To celebrate 25 years of JOY, on Checkpoint we decided to celebrate 25 years of gaming, with an entire crew of us in studio to talk about the video games that inspired us and shaped us into the gamers we are today.

Join an all-star crew of presenters and writers, as host Luke is joined by your favourites Elliot, Cam, Rachel, Jake and Edith, along with newcomers to the program, Jason, Jian and Sam as they share their memories of the video games that they grew up with and talk about the reasons why they are such  big video game lovers today. Plus, we live streamed the entire episode on Facebook playing a bunch of video games! You can watch the video and see what we were up to right here on our Facebook page, so don’t feel like you missed out!

Don’t miss any of the action and don’t forget to check out the first half of this podcast to keep up to date!

For all the latest updates as always, head to our official website at checkpointgaming.net.

25 years of gaming


About the author: Luke


Luke is the producer of Checkpoint and also co-host of The Brekkie Bears. He spends his time playing video games, binge-watching TV and hanging out with his German Shepherd, Ziggy and Bernese Mountain Dog, Pandora. They would play video games if their paws could hold controllers.


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