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This week on the show, we talk about the positive and negative effects of Pre-Releases in the gaming world. From Early Access and BETA’s to the many events set up for players to get hands on with a game before it releases. Do these help the consumer? Do developers actually make changes after we’ve played them an given feedback? Or is is just marketing and hype train fuel?

Join Luke, Elliot and Cam as they talk about their own experiences playing games ahead of their release window. Cam talks about how negligent staff at a hands on event left him feeling sour about a game and not always super eager to play games ahead of time. Elliot walks us through the ideas behind BETA’s and early access and Luke fills us in on his time at Paris Games Week, Cam and Elliot try not to get too jealous.

Cam has also been experiencing some of the untold stories of World War 2 with his review of Battlefield V!

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Pre-Releases and Playing it Early, Worth not Waiting?


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