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This week on the show, we delve into the spooky world of gaming myths and urban legends. While once born from stories a friend told a friend urban legends have permeated the world of gaming as far back as the early Mario Bros games, and most likely before. People trying to explain things or taking advantage of mob mentality has had us wandering for years if the calls were coming from inside the console.

Join Elliot, Luke, Cam and Kolby as they break down some of the most famous myths in gaming. Is Pokemon set in a war torn world? And did a certain song in the original game negatively effect the minds of children? Could being the cover star for a sports game curse you? Is there really a ghost inside of Minecraft? You can only find out if you listen but a content warning, there might be some heavy themes in this one.

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The Myths and Urband Legends of Gaming


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