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On Saturday 13 August 2016, the very first AFL Pride Game was staged between St Kilda Football Club and Sydney Swans at Etihad Stadium.  

The Chicks Talking Footy – JOY 94.9 team hosted a live broadcast from the stadium on the night, heard on JOY and across Australia on the national Community Radio Network.

In this podcast you’ll hear CTF’s Danae Gibson and Susannah Mott chat about the importance of the AFL Pride Game, celebration and wombats with US Ambassador to Australia, John Berry. 


Danae Gibson, Ambassador John Berry and his spouse Curtis Yee, Susannah Mott.


Commissioner Ro Allen and Ambassador John Berry


Ambassador John Berry, Rachael Hopkins, Curtis Yee.


Ambassador John Berry barracks for the Richmond Tigers

The AFL’s Pride Game initiative aims to help break down social barriers and tackle homophobia. 

AFL Football Operations Manager, Mark Evans, spoke of the importance of inclusiveness in Australia’s most popular football code at the Pride Game launch in July.

“We’ve got the greatest game in the world, the only indigenous game to Australia, and we want to make a statement that everybody is welcome in our game,” Mr Evans said. 

“Regardless of your background, your gender, what culture you come from, your ethnicity or your sexual identity, you’re welcome to experience and celebrate Australia’s game.”

“It will raise some conversation that I think we need to have in the community, but it will also say to everybody, ‘this is a celebratory moment’, to make sure that our game is a game for everyone.”

Photos by JOY photographers Betty Sujecki and Hamish Blunck


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