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When Carl Cox was a young man and would buy records, he’d first test them out on his friends and family to see if he made the right choice. This love for sharing music hasn’t changed, the only thing that has evolved throughout this process is that Carl has now made a career out of it.

Throughout this feature interview you will hear about Carl’s family life as a young man, his love and appreciation for DJs who still use vinyl today and news about a collaboration with another music legend. The interview itself was set to promote the Renault Torque Bar After Party where Carl Cox was the feature DJ at Ms Collins however due to a family emergency overseas, Carl was unable to perform. We wish him and his family all the best and we hope that you enjoy this interview.


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Alison Wonderland calls him her Spirit Animal, the Nervo twins confirmed that he is the only person to have done the interview, gone to the gig, partied alongside and crowd surfed all in one day and The Rubens note him as a verified legend. Dylan Adler is a man made of party vibes, catch him on Saturday nights on Counter Cultured only on Joy 94.9


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