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White Night for Counter Cultured means one thing, Joy 94.9 only plays the A1 DJ’s in the game.

Stepping into the place with an ear to ear grin and the Melbourne Sound coursing through her veins, Shai K will make you rave to the filthiest of drops well past daybreak.



                                                                             Counter Cultured Special Guest DJ Shai K



Respecting the hustle that goes with being a DJ, Shai K does not forget to be humble and true to herself in a scene that can, at times ignore what’s real.


From Your Shot 2016 to Counter Cultured



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Alison Wonderland calls him her Spirit Animal, the Nervo twins confirmed that he is the only person to have done the interview, gone to the gig, partied alongside and crowd surfed all in one day and The Rubens note him as a verified legend. Dylan Adler is a man made of party vibes, catch him on Saturday nights on Counter Cultured only on Joy 94.9


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