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MaRLo – 2016’s King of Counter Cultured


Counter Cultured has been a huge fan of MaRLo since the first episode, and with right reason – he has received the highest of accolades from In The Mix Awards, a key figure for A State of Trance and an influential artist for many producers and DJ’s making their spot in the game. When it comes to his presence and place on  Joy 94.9, MaRLo, along with Melbourne local Holly-J were crowned the 2016 Counter Cultured Royals.


The year is very young but CC King MaRLo is already smashing KPI’s and is coming to Melbourne very soon for Istoria, Australia’s largest trance event presented by Symbiotic. You can get your tickets here for the number 1 trance event of the year.

                                                                   Get your tickets to Istoria while you still can

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About the author: Dylan


Alison Wonderland calls him her Spirit Animal, the Nervo twins confirmed that he is the only person to have done the interview, gone to the gig, partied alongside and crowd surfed all in one day and The Rubens note him as a verified legend. Dylan Adler is a man made of party vibes, catch him on Saturday nights on Counter Cultured only on Joy 94.9


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