I know we all want to get married right here right now, so here’s a little update on the SSM vote and what’s happening next, plus a couple of dick stories just for fun!

This little podcast includes…..

  • String bikinis!
  • Christmas plans
  • And now, the weather (an update on last week, whoops!)
  • Corn” by Mischief (or Torn as it is actually called, but we like this version better)
  • How we plan to overthrow the government with a Facebook page #homoORnomo?
  • Our listeners solving the issues telling us about passage of bills and the governor general, thanks all!
  • Fitbit for you fit bits… the smart condom which can check for STIs, tracks thrust speed and girth
  • Over the counter little blue (boner) pills in the UK

If you know anymore bits to educate us and our listeners about what’s going on at the moment with the whole postal vote business, OR if you want to talk about baby-makers, head over to our Facebook page

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