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Joined by Benjamin Norris, Dano and Mason spent their Thursday evenings pondering the illustrious art of mooning- or exposing ones arse cheeks- in light of Midsumma Mooning, and came up with their own version. All with the help of a listeners and the surprise guest Dean Arcuri, the judge of the show itself.

But before we get to the good stuff, here’s what happening this Sunday during the Midsumma 23rd annual Pride March.

The march is held on Fitzroy St, St Kilda, tomorrow Sunday 28 January 2018. Bring protection, as it will be 40ish degrees.

Dee Mason and Benjamin Norris will be streaming live from 2:00 to 4:00 on the JOY 94.9 Facebook Page

If you are at the march, come and say hello, we don’t bite, just check Facebook to see what’s happening!


Now to the root of the moon.

To Moon: expose one’s buttocks to someone in order to insult or amuse them.

For the last 4 years the Laird Hotel in Abbortsford has held their infamous Midsumma Mooning event, where guys get on stage and bare all for a large crowd, and one lucky man is crowned the winner. The cheeky show has raised over $200,000 for AIDS related charities over the last 20 odd years. Hosted by JOY’s very own Dean Arcuri, we got all the dirt on what goes on behind that butt shaped hole in the wall.

Our ladies discuss an all female opponent- Wingo De Bingo, which will be coming to Midsumma in 2019.

Categories include: form, duration of shake, length of hang, texture, two toned tans and more to be decided.

Benjamin Norris, the star of the show, most known for his work at Priceline (he also won Big Brother once) also talks all about Pride, getting recognised in public, and to Ben… or to Benjamin.

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