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Here it is … the first Friday Night Live with David & Sue on JOY 94.9 podcast.

If you listened live (or are listening to this podcast) …. Congratulations! You’re in at the beginning of a new era. The same old David and Sue with both old and new craziness. But you don’t need to buckle up for the drive – sit back and relax on your Saturday night sofa to take it all in … and, with phone to hand, do participate as well.

Nothing has changed with the great line-up of guests. This time, on the line, not in the studio – thanks Covid-19, Not! – we have Ali McGregor and legendary DJ Gavin Campbell.


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Long-time JOY 94.9 listener. Podcaster since 2015: formerly - Friday Drive (Driving you mad, driving you crazy); currently - Friday Night Live with David & Sue; Queen of the Night; Queer Concert Hall.


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