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[Remote Learning]  Podcasting & Radio Content

JOY’s brand new Podcasting & Radio Content Course will provide you with everything that you need to create a podcast or pre-recorded radio show from your home.

You will be trained by JOY’s expert team of trainers, and learn the basics of podcasting, writing for radio and podcasts, media law, interviewing techniques, presenting, recording and editing, as well as how to market your podcast!

Not only will the course provide you with the skills to create content from home, it will also provide information you need to make the transition into radio at JOY 94.9

You will work with a partner to create a podcast on the topic of your choice. You will be coached along the way and the final product will be hosted on the JOY 94.9 website.

And best of all, you can participate using equipment that you have at home!


The course

The course will run either every Monday or Thursday from 6pm to 9pm, via Zoom.

Runs over nine weeks with each session 3 hours.  See T&Cs below for more information.


Remote Learning

To maintain COVID-19 safety, and allow participation from students outside of Melbourne, this course will be conducted entirely via Zoom. Each class will be taught live by JOY’s expert team of trainers. Prior to the course commencing, you will be provided with links to the zoom classes.


Course fee

$600 Individual
$450 Concession & Student
$450 JOY Members


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Register & Payment

By registering for the course you accept the T&Cs below.

Please note the revised course start dates, both course have been move forward 3 weeks from 4 & 7 January respectively.

Course 4 Thursday 25 February to 22 April 2021 click to REGISTER & PAY

Waiting List?

Please email if you wish to go on waiting list future course dates courses@joy.org.au



  • Delivery: the course will be delivered entirely via Zoom. You will receive a Welcome Email a week prior to the course commencing, which will include relevant information, a list of required equipment and the link to the course Zoom meeting.
  • Attendance: if you are unable to attend a module, please email courses@joy.org.au to alert the trainer. All modules will be recorded, so should you be unable to attend you will be able to review the course video and documents. If this happens, you must complete the revision quiz provided. A student can miss no more than two modules. If more than two modules are missed, that student will not pass the course.
  • Media Law: All participants must attend and complete the Media Law Module. This includes completing the online quiz with 100% accuracy. Should participants not complete the Media Law module and quiz, they will not be able to graduate and will not be allowed on air or to have their podcast hosted by JOY 94.9.
  • Assessment Check-in: Week 8 is a one on one check-in with a trainer to run through your podcast ideas, content and format. This is a mandatory module.
  • Final Podcast Hosting: Your final podcast may be hosted on the JOY 94.9 website as a part of our JOY Academy Showcase. This is optional and will be discussed with you in the final class. If you decide to have your podcast hosted on the JOY Media website, you (The creator) still own the IP.
  • Volunteering: the course is separate from volunteer recruitment; attendance does not guarantee a place on-air as a broadcaster. During the course you are welcome to apply to become a JOY volunteer.
  • Cancellation/Refunds: Refunds will not be offered for change of mind or lack of attendance.