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LIVE AT MIDSUMMA: David & Sue broadcast LIVE from Midsumma carnival on Sunday and this is the podcast of their LIVE broadcast and, of course, they had lots of amazing guests during their one hour LIVE outside broadcast. So listen to hear interviews with all of these guests and the fun of the festival plus some music to break up the fun…

  • Dan from Fostering Connections and Andrew (a carer) who talk about the importance of fostering in the LGBTI community
  • Stuart & Jude from the board of the Victorian Pride Centre on the commencement of building work on the new centre – YAYY!
  • Ro Allen – Commissioner of Gender & Sexuality in Victoria on her role in Victoria, the Victorian Pride Centre investment by the Victorian Government and her home town
  • Dan Rochefort – President of GLOBE on their Midsumma presence, their community awards and community grants program
  • John Caldwell – Chair of Midsumma on Midsumma, the carnival, the diversity and variety of the 2019 Midsumma program and its venues, the Midsumma Extravaganza, the bar at Malthouse and Team Melbourne’s sporting precinct at the carnival.
  • Pete Holmes from Melbourne Motorcycle Tourers about the club, its 29-year history, rides and stall in the Sports Precinct at the carnival

Can’t wait for Pride March 2019 when David and Sue will be the commentary team for the JOY outside broadcast and, of course, we’ll also be podcasting their Driving You Mad, Driving You Crazy commentary of that event…


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