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Our hosts with Trish Power, Super Commentator, Educator and Author

Our hosts with Trish Power

This week Elizabeth and Ron talk to Trish Power, Superannuation Commentator and Educator and author of 13 books including Super for Dummies and Super Freedom: A Women’s Guide to Superannuation.  Just about everyone has superannuation and it’s generally agreed that we are lucky to have it but most people are not engaged with their super. This means they could be missing out on future retirement options.

Ron and Elizabeth discuss with Trish how, while we may not have total control over our Super we can still influence how it’s invested; the possible benefits of a DIY Super Option; choosing the right fund; tax planning and why (because they have an average of 45% less superannuation than men and live longer) it’s important for women to maximize outcomes from their super.


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