We entirely loath that there is such a things as “homelessness” especially in our richly abundant country. In truth homelessness is systemic, under reported, climbing, underfunded and like most horrendous Government Shortfalls its currently extremely impactful on older woman and those fleeing from family violence.

We interview Jeanette Large the CEO of Woman Property Initiative and examine the housing shortfall, how woman are now the new poor and homeless. It’s reported like puddle that can actually swallow a elephant. ¬†Jeanette invites our listeners to lean into this information because every act of kindness is a step towards change.

The premise for Got Money is to position not only valuable educational content but to also unpack the true nature of less income equals less super and that with great financial goals old age could be the most fortunate of times.

WPI now have there own Real Estate and Property management arm and we invite you to consider there services as your act of kindness