Got Money : Zero Deposit Homes

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Elizabeth interviews her client Matt about the “Zero Deposit Homes”, “Zero Deposit” homes. We want to say that more than once as its a complete package that requires you too buckle up while sitting in the possibility of owning your own home.

The Zero Deposit home program is a landmark homeownership solution. Its entire premise is to make homeownership possible for everyone. It is like “JOY” this homeownership program doesn’t care who you are or how you identify, the Zero Deposit programs sole purpose is to make it possible for you to have your own home.

The mission of this program is for you to have your own home where you can lay your head at night that belongs to you and your family.

82,000 people are waiting for Government homes to come available and that been because up to now there hasn’t been a solution that allows you to consider purchasing a home without a full 5 or 10% deposit.


Welcome to the Zero Deposit Homes Program, for more information please come through to the got money Facebook page