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After weeks, neigh months of being caught between two gays and an iso place, Mrs Gray is unfurling her luscious, lesbionic lustre and has taken over this week’s edition. Welcome to the Grumpy Gays (plus one) an Ode to Sapphic Love. Once again the AGM has infiltrated his way into Mr Gray’s den of iniquity with the offer of a salmon mouse and so discussions this week kick off with Mrs Gray paying homage to lovely Miss Melbourne in all her sapphic glory!


About the author: Helen


Helen (that's Mrs Gray to you) is the proud card carrying Co-President of Grumpy Gays Global! Helen's misanthropic tendencies combined with her self-deprecating appreciation of her grumpy gayness means nothing and no-one is off limits as she strives to achieve - WORLD GRUMP DOMINATION!!


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