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Q and Gay call it a Same Sex Sermon, A Homo Homily, A Lesbian Lecture or even a Dirty Discourse. Yes lovely listeners, this is where the Grumpy Gays attempt to right some wrongs and maybe even pick the scab, of what’s been troubling us, before it starts to trouble you!   And who better to prompt all things rousing and robust than the interloper who first came to your attention as this show’s resident Angry Gay Man.  Douglas topic de jour this evening, masks.


About the author: Helen


Helen (that's Mrs Gray to you) is the proud card carrying Co-President of Grumpy Gays Global! Helen's misanthropic tendencies combined with her self-deprecating appreciation of her grumpy gayness means nothing and no-one is off limits as she strives to achieve - WORLD GRUMP DOMINATION!!


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