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Matt and Doug have thrown down the gauntlet. Faces may have been figuratively slapped with a extremely soft kid leather gloves. Witts (and we use that term loosely) have been drawn. In this new Grumpy Gay segment suitably titled Who Gives a Toss, Matt for the tops argues for those Grumpsters of the south whilst our very own bottom representative Doug is rambunctious in his ramblings of the merits of the north. Who does Madam Tosser (aka Helen) hold up as the victor…stay tuned to find out.


About the author: Helen


Helen (that's Mrs Gray to you) is the proud card carrying Co-President of Grumpy Gays Global! Helen's misanthropic tendencies combined with her self-deprecating appreciation of her grumpy gayness means nothing and no-one is off limits as she strives to achieve - WORLD GRUMP DOMINATION!!


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