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Helen is most excited at the prospect of a second miserable missive from an erstwhile Grumpster seeking the Grumpy Gays sage advice. That pesky carrier pidgeon has relayed said letter to Matt’s home to be unsheathed and read to all…but wait, what’s this. Who is the Thug and Meanie the Luscious Lesbian refers to in her correspondence? Could Doug and Matt have new monikers? It appears Grumpsters that this is in fact not a letter seeking sage advice but one of complaint. Who could it be from and what is their gripe. Let’s just say Matt and Doug are not Happy Helen!


About the author: Helen


Helen (that's Mrs Gray to you) is the proud card carrying Co-President of Grumpy Gays Global! Helen's misanthropic tendencies combined with her self-deprecating appreciation of her grumpy gayness means nothing and no-one is off limits as she strives to achieve - WORLD GRUMP DOMINATION!!


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