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Given the pain and suffering Douglas inflicted on Matt through his questionable culinary choices, we have decided this week that Matt should be allowed to deposit whatever he wishes in the D’man’s Room 666. Matt has chosen wisely and is making a substantial deposit this week. He is traversing the all 9 layers of hell this evening and the bee in his bonnet is a buzzing! Following his question, Matt then delivers the the knock out blow with a truly exceptional Lowku for our Grumpster of the Week, Luke. Poor poo Luke! Until next week Grumpsters!


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Helen (that's Mrs Gray to you) is the proud card carrying Co-President of Grumpy Gays Global! Helen's misanthropic tendencies combined with her self-deprecating appreciation of her grumpy gayness means nothing and no-one is off limits as she strives to achieve - WORLD GRUMP DOMINATION!!


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