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Music Pick of The Week

I went with something a little bit different this week for my pick of the week. New York band St Lucia‘s single ‘Elevate.‘ This song really interests the part of my musical taste that has grown since I met David Lim. There was a period in time where I couldn’t get with electro or synth at all, but when this style is paired with interesting lyrics and harmonies I’m all on board. I don’t know if it’s just the cover art that gives me this vibe, but it feels so lush. They’re getting a bunch of comparisons to 80s band Tears for Fears and I guess that’s really where a lot of electro and synth is at the moment. Their debut album is due out later this year, can’t wait to hear what else is on offer from these guys.

Listen to St Lucia – Elevate

We played a bunch of other songs that we’ve listed below. If you’ve got recommendations for me email me: handclapsandharmonies@joy.org.au or send me a tweet @handclapsonJOY


Sally Seltmann – Heart That’s Pounding

Jenny Queen – Shoot The Radio

Augustana – Boston

Skipping Girl Vinegar – One Chance

Cults – Bad Things

The Bens – Bruised

Belles Will Ring – Nightflower

San Cisco – Fred Astaire

Big Scary – Luck Now

High Highs – Open Season

Little Joy – Unattainable

Belle & Sebastian – We Rule The School

Mates of State – The Rearranger

Matt & Kim – Let’s Go

Blondfire – Where The Kids Are

Capital Cities – Safe and Sound

Last Dinosaurs – Time & Place

The Joy Formidable – Silent Treatment (William Orbitz mix)

The Panda Band – Sleepy Little Deathtoll Town


Tegan & Sara back catalog

Have you noticed that I’ve played a Tegan & Sara song every week so far? This all came about because a friend of mine started getting into their latest album Heartthrob. The album has broadened their audience yet again and as a long time fan I felt it necessary to educate him/ and now you lovely listeners on their back catalog. Then bek from bekfast suggested I do a song a week and the rest is history. They are definitely the type of band that isn’t afraid to change things up. I think this week’s track ‘Divided’ from their debut release, Under Feet Like Ours really shows where they’ve come from. This track is a classic strummy lala, female singer songwriter style which I absolutely love. You can feel the Ani Di Franco vibes pouring out of not just this song but the whole album.

Then & Now

Sometimes it seems like the only reason that The Postal Service exist is to torment us. A collaboration side project for Ben Gibbard, Jenny Lewis and Jimmy Tamborello they released an indie classic, Give Up in 2003 and then kept making promises to release something new until this year when they announced to celebrate 10 years since Give Up they’d be releasing two new songs and touring.

The Postal Service – Nothing Better (2003)

The Postal Service – Turn Around (2013)

Much like Franz Ferdinand these guys have modernised their sound but not in a way that you would not recognise them. Although I will admit that I’m not anywhere near as in love with Turn Around or their other single A Tattered Line of String as I am with basically every song on Give Up. It might however be a case of me protecting myself from the disappointment that it may again be another 10 years before we hear something new from them.

Careful Your Indie is Showing

Next week my guest co-presenter on the show will be Jed Gilbert. We’re already talking playlists and one of my favourite things about doing this show is getting an insight into the hidden treasures people have on their strummy lala and plinky lala playlists.


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