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Music Pick of The Week

My music pick of the week is the new single from Naked and FamousHearts Like Ours. These guys were one of the first bands that David Lim and I loved equally, we’ve since added Of Monsters and Men to the list. It’s great to hear something new from them, there debut was a hit, Punching in a Dream and Girls Like You have been on soundtracks and if we’re using Hearts Like Ours as an indicator it looks like their follow up due out in September will be equally as danceable and enjoyable.

We played a bunch of other songs that we’ve listed below. If you’ve got recommendations for me email me: handclapsandharmonies@joy.org.au or send me a tweet @handclapsonJOY
The Colorist – Little Games
The Hovercrafts – For The Love and The Sound
Friendly Fires – Paris
Cub Scouts – Paradise
Alt-J – Matilda
Mary Lambert – She Keeps Me Warm
Lucius – Turn It Around
Temper Trap – Sweet Disposition
The Beatles – I Want To Hold Your Hand
Kate Miller-Heidke – Toxic
Tegan and Sara – Shock To Your System
Tokyo Denmark Sweden – When It Breaks
Alexi Murdoch – Song For You
Interviews with The Tiger & Me and Cub Scouts
This is the second time I’ve had to the chance to chat to The Tiger & Me. They are one of my favourite local bands and I can’t tell you how awesome it was to hear their acoustic version of ‘Pantomime’ live in the studio. Hopefully you got to hear it.

Cub Scouts are a band I just heard about recently, I really love the indie pop sound that’s coming out of a lot of Aussie bands at the moment and these guys are part of that. They’ve released a couple of EPs and mentioned they’ll be working on their debut album soon. Tim from the band has put his uni studies on hold to work on the band and the way things are going it looks like he won’t be going back anytime soon.

Careful Your Indie is Showing

Next week my guest co-presenter on the show will be Anastasia, this will surely be an interesting experience and I can’t wait to hear what tracks she brings in.


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